The word Shagalabugala means Chaos or Crazy in Kiswahili. Like to great migration of the close by Serengeti this photo seems like a chaotic event, but it is natures natural order to follow the rains for the animals survival. We at Acacia Hills Coffee Estate aim to create the perfect 100 point coffee though our own form of chaos or Crazy order. Years ago we decided to throw the kitchen sink of Varieties at the farm and are now working to produce the perfect Estate Coffee. A blend of our best coffee varieties each year go into making this coffee. Like most of the best vineyards around the world we are striving for a perfect blend of our Top varieties to create the ultimate coffee. Our first ever Shagalabugala will be a blend of two coffee screen to AA and blended to bring out the best of the coffees. Please inquire about helping us create the perfect coffee.  This years Coffee is a blend of Gesha and Pacamara coffees.  It scored No. 6 and No. 7 in the Cupping at the crater Auction.  We feel this is the way to develop what we think the future of our Best of the best coffee will come from a blend we have not explored yet.