Come Cup With us.

Beyond striving for Africa’s best specialty coffee offering,  Acacia Hills Coffee Estate is leading the field in coffee growing research. One of the farm’s topmost priorities is the testing, tracking, and analysis of farming techniques and nutrient applications. The research on how a certain coffee grows, responds, and produces a unique taste is still growing, and we take pride in our ongoing research on our own farm. Through consistent soil, leaf, and bean testing we are honing the art of maximizing yield and ensuring the best tasting coffee possible. Every Year we participate in the Cupping at the Crater event to understanding the year in coffee. Cupping every area of the farm independently to find where the best coffee is and why though extensive information sharing during our tasting.

Another priority is sustainable practices. In years past we have installed various farm elements to reduce our drain on valuable resources such as water and to decrease our dependance on traditional electric power by installing a wind and solar generator. We see these practices as key in moving forward as a top coffee estate in Africa.